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Top 5 Best Romance Anime of 2018

Best romance anime 2018, this is my personal top 5 list, if you have your own lemme know in the comment section below. It...

Fall 2017 Anime Season Roundup

The final Roundup of 2017 is here and next video we will be taking a look at all of 2017 anime. ALL MUSIC AND...

Nintendo Switch Launch Titles Reveal FAIL? Nintendo Switch Presentation Review

Will the Nintendo Switch Launch Fail? Did the Nintendo Switch Launch Titles Revealed at the Event Fail the fans? Considering only Breathe of the...

Duel Review #544 – Claymore Anime

Today it's another anime based on a beloved manga. How does it fair in our view? Find out right now on DR! source

Godzilla Episode 19 (Season 1) - DONAT 410016100237665 - yandex money - Twitter ... source

Anime Manga pickups/haul December 2017

hope u like comment and subscribe Anime Manga pickups/haul December 2017 music ♫Music By♫ ○Kronicle - Chill Noons - ... source

Anime Review: Ore Twintails

I really haven't seen anything quite like this before. First episode link: My new scoring thing: ... source

Boruto Anime Series Review (Episodes 1-12)

This video is my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the Anime series "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Please like, comment and subscribe for more...

What I might be watching this anime season

This is the link to anime live charts sorry for the really bad pronunciations. source