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Review against Reviews(MyAnimeList) Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

This is my review on the anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and also a kind of backlash at some of the reviews from the...

Anime Like Inuyasha


The epic art house film ROYAL SPACE FORCE: THE WINGS OF...

Brent reviews Gainax's first film, the sadly obscure, beautiful, and strange work that is "The Wings of Honneamise." source

The post-apocalyptic slice-of-life comedy GIRLS’ LAST TOUR – Anime Review

Brent reviews the odd 2017 TV series "Girls' Last Tour," about two girls traveling across a blasted landscape apparently devoid of human life. source

ANIME EATS: Katsu-don (YURI!!! on ICE)

NEW ANIME EATS SERIES! Anime food in real life. Food in anime always looks so delicious so I figured, might as well make it...

1 Major Flaw with Mysteria Friends

うんこ! うんこ! うんこ! ▻Become a Member! ... source

Detective Conan Anime Series

Ka-Snapper! Subscribe now and Comment:) Click here: Source of original video: ... source

Frogman Anime Reviews: Himegoto

The Frogman reviews a great anime by the name of Himegoto. Check it out. It only takes 39 minutes. source

Top 10 Best Anime Series of ALL TIME Reaction

this is my reaction to Top 10 Best Anime Series of ALL TIME by Watchmojo. I hope you all enjoy the video. Original ... source

PSA: Top Grossing! Legendary Summons Return! The Grind Is Real Right...

Come chat with us on Discord! Join us on Facebook: Dokkan Multiverse: Dokkan... source